>>Why GyneFix


Why GyneFix

Why GyneFixThe many positive properties of Gynefix make it a very reliable and comfortable choice.

The main advantages of GyneFix are:

  • Effectiveness

    More effective than the pill (0,1 to 0,5% pregnancies with GyneFix against 9% with the pill after 1 year of use).

  • Long duration

    5 years, fit and forget!

  • No impact on libido

    Natural libido level due to non-hormonal nature of GyneFix.

  • No effect menstrual cycle

    Respects the bodies menstrual and ovulation cycles

  • Fits anyone

    Tailored fitting due to frameless design.

  • Well tolerated

    Minimal side-effects.

  • Comfortable

    Small and flexible frameless design makes GyneFix very comfortable.

  • No extra blood loss

    After the first few cycles no extra menstrual blood loss.

  • Easily reversible

    Remove GyneFix and you are fertile immediately.

  • 100% Hormone-free

    No influence on hormonal-balance of your body.

  • Easy

    No worries, never forget contraception.

  • No weight gain

    Does not influence body composition in any way.