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How does GyneFix work

How does GyneFix workGyneFix consists of 4 (GyneFix 200) or 6 (GyneFix 330) copper tubes which are attached to a surgical thread. A tiny knot at the upper end of the thread fixes the IUD in place inside the womb. If placed by a trained doctor, GyneFix is very well tolerated by the body, and expulsion happens rarely.

Compared with Gyne-T-380, the GyneFix 200 is 3 times smaller. It is why GyneFix is very well tolerated and it does not increase menstrual bleeding.

How does GyneFix prevent pregnancy?

The copper tubes release copper ions that immobilise sperm and prevent fertilisation of the egg.

The size and shape of the womb is different for every woman. A traditional IUD is not very flexible and therefore does not fit every woman, just like one size of shoes does not fit everyone.

Research has shown that 5 to 10% of these traditional IUD's are subject to expulsion because the womb does not tolerate them.

GyneFix is designed to eliminate these problems. Due to the unique frameless design GyneFix is small and very flexible. This ensures a perfect fit in any womb.

These properties make GyneFix very well tolerated and, if placed by a trained professional, expulsion is very rare.